Update Block Signing Address

The pool operator must update the block-signing address using management key in the Staker Registry_ if they suspect their hot-key has been compromised.

* Update the signing address of a pool(staker).
* @param newAddress the new signing address
void setSigningAddress(Address newAddress)


Block-signing Address Cooling Period

There is a block-signing address cooling period for the pool operator to update the signing address. The pool operator is allowed to update the signing address every 60480 blocks, which is approximately 7 days under normal network conditions.

Use the UPK (Unity Pool Kit)

You can use the UPK interface to update your pool's signing address using ledger.

  1. Go to UPK Interface, use the web version or get the desired build:
    a. Mainnet
    b. Amity Testnet
  2. Sign in with your ledger and select the account that you used as your management key for pool registration and click the Access button.
  3. Click on Staking on the left navigation bar.
  4. Click on Edit my Pool to update pool information.
  5. Input the new signing address. Click Update signing address once all information has been confirmed.
  6. Confirm the transaction on your ledger, then the transaction hash will be shown on the interface. You can go to the OAN dashboard to track your transaction status.


Block Signer

If you are running an external staker, make sure you restart the block signer with the updated signing address once the transaction is mined.