Hosting Services

Get up and running quickly by using an Aion node provided by a hosting service. There's no need to install anything or set up any software. Just grab a URL and you're good to go. There are two services currently offering free nodes for you to use, Blockdaemon and Nodesmith.

Don't want to spin up or build your own node? Hosting services are available to do the legwork for you so you can get your dApp up and running quickly.


We've partnered with Blockdaemon and Nodesmith to help you get on the Aion network as fast as possible! Take a look at both options and pick the best one for your needs.


Nodesmith Logo

Nodesmith hosts several shared nodes that allow you to get connected to Aion, Ethereum, and IPFS in minutes. The host and manage scalable blockchain node infrastructure, so you can focus on building the features of your decentralized applications. All this, for free.


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Spin up your own private node incredibly quickly. Instead of having to deal with compiling your own package and hosting your own hardware, Blockdaemon allows you to spin up a test net in minutes and validate your smart contract.


There are some limitations with most node hosting providers. The main one being that they do not mine transactions. They just hold a complete copy of the ledger. Because of this, node hosting services do not contribute to the hash power of the Aion network.

Another limitation is that hosting providers often place soft limits on the number of calls you can place to each node. This is to prevent spam and DDoS attacks on the hosting providers.

Make sure to check with each hosting provider to see what the specific limitations of each platform are. Different hosting providers have different limitations.