Java Node

The Java implementation of the Aion kernel. You can interact with this kernel directly through the JSON RPC. Further documentation regarding the kernel can be found on the Aion Java Kernel GitHub repository at


Amity Testnet

The official OAN Tesnet is called Amity. The previous Tesnet 'Mastery' will be deprecated and will not be compatible with OAN after Unity launches (November 19-20th).

This section of the docs goes over how to configure and interact with the Java kernel directly. If you're looking to develop the Aion kernel itself, or how to setup and Aion node, then this section is for you! If you're just looking to create some Dapps, then you can leave this section for now and head on over to the fundamentals section.

Further Documentation

The GitHub Wiki section contains detailed information on building and interacting with the kernel. Take a look at the Installation section to find out how to install the Java kernel on your machine.

Get Involved

If you want to get involved with the Aion Java kernel development, take a look at the GitHub repository.